Partners for Change, a dynamic international consulting firm, provides strategic counsel to help institutional and individual donors more effectively address society’s most challenging problems.

Through research, critical analysis, and coaching, we help philanthropists and businesses:

  • Shape and improve grant and social impact programs and strategies
  • Discover new ways to fully embrace the communities and regions they seek to benefit, identifying innovations to achieve lasting and measurable change.
  • Grow the number of individual donors in America and abroad by working with financial advisors to provide informed giving decisions that match donors’ interests.
  • Advance the use of Deliberate Leadership by philanthropists and businesses to tackle society’s most wicked problems, those most complex and intractable social challenges; ones that cannot be resolved but that can be alleviated over time.

Our leadership team and our advisors bring unmatched experience, innovation, and global understanding of our most pressing problems. Contact us today.

Our philosophy: Deliberate Leadership…

PFC Global

Unites advocates, academics, and thought leaders across disciplines to advance best practices in global change through research, executive education, communications, and coaching.


PFC Philanthropic Advisors

Helps clients achieve excellence in giving through research and strategy planning, portfolio management, strategic learning and evaluation.


PFC Financial

Provides tools and resources to enable more people to make informed social investing decisions.


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