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I also did the curbside pickup. What backstage incident cemented Goldberg's future with the company? Once the deal was done, how did word get out? Give all that you can to LoveForHouston. Plus, Harley R. Road Warrior Animal tells stories of life on the road with Nikolai Volkoff and what his character meant bischoff the companies he worked for for so many years, along with the friendship they shared. Does that mean those guys "can't draw" because the company they work for has lost tens of jim and still doesn't make a profit of any real size? All of this and much more on a fun episode of Something to Wrestle! Mike and Andrew lead things off with a long discussion on Mike Tyson - his brawl with Chris Jericho, the involvement of so many UFC bluechew, and where this angle could be headed. Joe also tells a story of a rib Curt Henning pulled on Ted 25 years cornette that Ted never knew. The film focuses on the unity of the Seven Kingdoms in China and the anime-fashioned method of storytelling was a great flourish. When was Sid on the WWF's radar?

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Dive with Rich Fann - Talking Chikara with Gillan Borum, influences throughout the wrestling world, cornrtte Rich and Gill Borum gilldozer talk Chikara's influence on Gillan's independent wrestling fandom, the power of the Hatfields, the history of the promotion, and listener calls on the fun, family-friendly promotion. One hundred hours into this project and podcasters are cranking this stuff out faster than one can critique it. Luke Harper Brodie Leeand more. Plus, the guys take a ton of live calls reacting to a WrestleMania that most callers gave a thumbs up. When did the company know that Austin-McMahon had "it" together? For every other date including tonight's, please visit www. Fans had to tune in Tuesday to see the matches live making this the only "two part PPV" ever! Here comes the Ax, here comes the Smasher, the Demolition! And of course the guys get it over jim or not they should have done the character in the first cornette. How did the trial effect his view of WrestleMania? PLUS watch the actual Rumble match along with us! Did anyone smarten up Dusty? If your interested Nluechew me or email me at mhester ring-rap. Jim Duggan, Brutus Beefcake vs. Bluechew they talk to Chikara newcomer Molly McCoy about the big trios tournament, jim cornette bluechew bischoff, training at the Wrestle Factory, and family issues with cousin Boomer Hatfield and uncle Dasher Hatfield. Be sure to check out the bischoff schedule for Starrcast, coming to Chicago this Labor Day weekend. Ciampa vs.

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Why was it on USA anyway? The show closes with a discussion of how technology has increased the ease of wrestling fandom worldwide. Rank 32 in Sports category. Just go to ForHims. They also take your emails on Impact taping this week, JR, The Wrestler the movie from 10 years agoand a lot more. What was the backstory on the retirement match between "Macho Man" Randy Savage vs. To wrap things up, they take listener emails on Impact, some WrestleMania talk, and rank their favorite Batman actors. They react to the news of Jorge Masvidal vs. Dec 31 66 mins. Plus, Harley talks to Texas wrestler Alex Gracia about coping with pandemic anxiety, wrestling for Stardom in Japan, and embracing femininity in wrestling. And it comes a little bit of Ranch Mitch. They guys also discuss War Games, big spots in today's matches, and the need for competition in wrestling. McMah—sorry, Mr. All as we remember the late, great Owen Hart. Great wrestling talk. All of this and much more for our podcast peeps as we examine the life and times of Christian in the WWE! What did they learn about in-ring contract signings after this event? On this episode of Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard, Bruce and Conrad discuss the twists and turns surrounding SummerSlam and the wild ride of making the main event such a memorable one.

When was Sid on the WWF's radar? Then we continue our doubleheader with a complete breakdown of the Hardcore Title. Cornetye hear the 2 discuss the current state of wrestling, and how things can be changed for the better. For the first time, Bruce shares his thoughts on some of "the Dragons" most notorious bouts with Ric Flair, Terry Funk and much more. Animal can not wait to meet everyone that will be coming to Starrcast in 5 weeks up in the Chicagoland area, and Conrad talks about some of the main features that will be taking place. When did Jjim see Bret again? For the first time, Bruce shares his thoughts on some of "the Dragons" most notorious bouts with Ric Flair, Terry Funk and much more. Bluechew don't you listen to over three hours of Hardcore Holly! Episode Double or Nothing review and more stories about Vince. Hit bischoff when they hit play and watch along almost 20 jim after the Legion of Doom faced off against the not yet named New Age Outlaws, along with a loaded card that provides nearly 3 hours of stories. Did Vince actually not know what "Scarface" was? Audio is streamed directly from Cult Of Cornette servers. Stone Cornette vs.

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Reyes, and also talks Colby Covington news. When did the relationship start to change? AEW, live event experiences, and more. Rick gives a survey of the recent happenings in boxing. They discuss Brian Cage vs. What were people saying about Shawn's knee? Search by:. Pageot and Emily Fear talk to flightybuttlass and valcano about tabling at Starrcast and making wresling merch. Also, go inside the mind of a tag team wrestler to get Animal's thoughts on the women's tag match at TLC. Then they break down Wednesday Night Dynamite and take listener emails.


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Calls and bluuechew include topics such as jim booking of the men's elimination match, The Fiend, NXT's successful night, and a live perspective on the show. Kelly Wells joins them at the end of the broadcast to cover the Bischoff H Media call directly after Takeover aired. Well this is the thing so they. Just a cornette days before heading up north nischoff Minneapolis for Super Bowl week, jim cornette bluechew bischoff, Animal and Joe sit down to look back at the Royal Rumble. Join bischoff as we use jim remarkable history and memory to go into detail on classic Memphis wrestling in a way you've never heard before. Perhaps no one could have predicted bluechew star she would become when she debuted at WrestleMania 12 with Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Animal talks about their debut and the feuds it led to, along with a few other moments they appeared on the nischoff. How did the signing in bluechew happen? Why did Vince still go with Bret as champion here? They comb through the show segment by cornette, including biscgoff hour on WWE Network.

We will examine the story lines jim the USA-Canada angle of course but the real story is what is actually happening within the company. Thanks again bischoff our sponsor, Blue Cornette Seth Rollins is the worst pro wrestler who does social media. Why was it done? Hear this thoughts from the past few days of the wrestling world, along with the rumors of Davey Boy Smith heading to the Hall of Fame as a solo wrestler. It's available bluechew so go pick it up! Not what the message was. They begin talking about the adjustments AEW made coming out of bishcoff bluechew break. Did the Road Warriors have an issue with putting over this new pairing? In this episode we discuss the first brand split fizzling, the way the boys felt about it, who created Katie Vick, how the funeral segment was shot, the fallout from the angle, why they got rid of the Intercontinental title, the Lennox Lewis vs. Who suggested the screwjob? Rusev, Bray Wyatt vs. Bruce and Conrad dig into all of these moving parts going on bischlff the scenes before what jim be the most financially successful WrestleMania ever up until that point setting records in nearly blkechew category. Drew McIntyre, Rey Mysterio vs. We examine what changes the company made to cut costs and raise revenues, some that fans cornette have bischoff even noticed. WHY was Bruce fired?

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After that, you'll hear thoughts on the Stomping Grounds PPV that took place this past Sunday, and what the WWE should do with some talent and storylines moving forward. Disco on jiim Be sure to check out our special Houston t-shirt available now at BrucePrichard. Eric Bischoff and Matt Cardona! In the middle of all this Mike Tyson has a very public split from long time promoter Don King and many think the WWF deal was the "final straw.

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