Recurring strep throat


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Actually, this is a broad name for some scenarios:

• An incidence of strep throat which is not cured even after the first course of antibiotic treatment.
• An individual who is frequently infected with strep throat several times within a year.
• Finally, an individual who repeatedly gets strep throat.

If within a year, you have had a case of strep throat seven or more times, tonsillectomy is usually considered by the doctor. Getting strep throat will be less likely although some people will still have strep throat even if their tonsils were already removed. There are several factors that experts believe to cause the recurrence of strep throat. One is that a person has merely contracted a resistant form of bacteria or for some reason; the antibiotic has not function properly.

A weakened immune system is another possibility. It can also be a factor if you are or a member in your family is a carrier of strep. In addition, it is a reality that most antibiotics can damage the natural flora at the back of the throat which will normally ward off harmful bacteria that includes the bacteria responsible for strep throat. As a result, it will be easy to contract another case of strep throat during the first month and even after your initial treatment despite the fact that the first course of antibiotic was successful.

Rarely, you will find resistant strains of bacteria responsible for strep throat. In majority of cases, the first course of antibiotics will not work but a new kind of antibiotic will. If this is not applicable to you, you could explore other explanations for the recurrence of strep throat. There are plenty of diseases which will result to decreased immunity. Some examples include people who are undergoing chemotherapy, those who previously had organ transplants, people who are sing corticosteroid medications and those with HIV/AIDS. Nonetheless, there are also some people who have inherited weak immune systems. Together with your physician, you might need to explore possibilities of the weakened immune system and be extra careful in performing hygienic measures.