What Are The Most Common Food Allergies?


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The toddlers and the children are most sensitive towards the food given to them. This is why only allergy bacteria free and fresh food should be given to the toddlers. Some most common type of allergies from food is given below. Cereal allergy, coconut allergy, coeliac disease, egg allergy. Fish allergy, fruit and vegetable allergy, Maize allergy and the Milk allergy are the most common food allergies occurring to the infants and toddlers.

Generally it is found that any of the little infective food can cause allergy but some of them are still found to be more prone to cause allergies. They are only the reasons of allergy in toddlers in almost 90 % of cases. These common foods have been listed above. So you should always be aware of the above fact before taking or giving any of the above food to your toddler. Milk, eggs, peanuts and wheat are the major allergens of all.

In order to avoid some of the common food allergies like the fruit and vegetable allergies you can cook them because it is cooking due to which the most of the allergens present in them are destroyed completely. The other types of common food allergy are Pine nut allergy, Rice Allergy, Sesame Allergy, Shellfish Allergy and the Soya allergy.

Is there a chance of allergy from chocolate also?

You might get surprised by hearing the word chocolate allergy. So if you want to know that when you eat chocolate does it also causes allergy or not. You can continue reading in order to to know the answer to this question. The cacao beans are the major ingredients of chocolate. And yes it is true that these beans may cause you the allergies on eating in much amount. But it is very rare. It is also rarely found in the recent medical literature. Hence if you are experiencing the symptoms of allergies after you frequently ate the chocolates then you should check yourself that whether you are suffering from the chocolate allergy.

To the susceptible people the chocolate allergy can cause the asthma like symptoms. Dyes, nuts, soy lecithin, gluten, caffeine, milk and the cocoa are the major products that can sometime cause to get the symptoms of the chocolate allergy. The symptoms resulted from it usually includes, heartburn, coughing, wheezing, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, itching, eczema, nausea, irritability, headache, confusion and anxiety. A blood test or a skin test is required to get the symptoms of chocolate allergy diagnosed.

The treatment of the chocolate allergy is done to remove its symptoms.